Self test GFCI Receptacle Self test GFCI Receptacle


  • The cooperation with KEYGMA for oversea market, is product agency system, which could be with Brand or OEM/ODM.
  • The agency is the general agency of local country or States.
  • Basd on contract and local situation, the agency should guarantee minimum annual quantity of sale.

Condition and Request about Angecy

  • Must have Legal and effective business license.
  • Agree with KEYGMA's enterprise culture and business idea.
  • Willing to cooperate with KEYGMA and expanding the distribution channels.
  • Good credit and abundant capital.
  • Have rich experience, customers and distribution channels of GFCIs.
  • Have excellent business team and perfect management system.
  • Good customer service and technical support.

Application for Angecy

  • Inquiry before application: Angency should understand the situation, products, service and policy of KEYGMA. The both sides have cooperation purpose and agreement.
  • Application: Application should be submitted in written form. Please fill the application blank and send to KEYMAG by E-mail.(More details please contact CMO of KEYGMA)
  • Audit: KEYGMA will make detailed assessment about agency. Information will be sent to agency if approved.
  • Contract: The both sides sign and stamp on contract. KEYGMA issue the "Authorised Distributor" certificate to angecy.